Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.



    The greatest part resides with members themselves.   As members join the consortium, they are requested to describe their resources, that is, what each can bring to the effort.  These resources include laboratory and field facilities, reference materials, and library access, as well as computational capacities, in general and for specific tasks – e.g., GIS, hydrology, statistical analysis.  All such resouces need to be used with appropriate concurrence of the member and the member’s institution.  

     In the GCCC home site, we keep our resources and attendant overhead minimal, and we assume that members taking part in contractual work generally have resources to match their expertise.  The management of work with Web-based technologies, including databases, makes the GCCC able to scale up greatly without requiring significant extra investment – the same servers and applications work for many contracts as for the initial few.


At the GCCC itself

    The corporate officers Vince Gutschick and Lou Ellen Kay have own specific scientific expertise of the same sort, for their direct participation in contracts

    The other part of the infrastructure of the GCCC itself is for project management.  It comprises

In support of contract work, the GCCC also retains a bookkeeping and tax service.

In support of generating contracts, Vince Gutschick maintains membership in several professional societies.


By virtue of large base capacities in computing, Web services and the like, the management infrastructure scales up with minimal change in operating and capital costs.  Costs are held low by using open-source computing applications extensively. 

Because the GCCC is designed as an S-corporation (application pending as of August, 2007), it requires only enough income to enable the principals to pay the moderate operating expenses and recoup modest setup costs.  The main purpose of the GCCC is then for the consortium members, certainly including the principals of the corporation, to pursue consulting on pressing issues of global change, in the process earning a reasonable compensation.