Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

For potential clients

1) How we operate

Consortium mode

From our Mission Statement: To be efficient in providing all services. We operate as a consortium of many researchers with diverse expertise. For a task requested by a client, the GCCC corporation negotiates with consortium members to form a complete team with all the required expertise. Team members subcontract to the GCCC to set their parts of the complete task, the schedule, and the remuneration. Travel time and expense is minimized by using Internet technologies, allowing team members to accomplish most of their tasks at their home base, sharing results on a server.

To see how it looks from the side of the consortium members who, as subcontractors to the GCC Consortium, will do the majority of the tasks: link to statement for members

Does it add costs to go through the GCCC, vs. engaging team members individually? In the simplest sense, yes, there is a modest overhead to the GCCC. The balancing factors, and decisive ones, we trust, are that the best study team is found, leading to more cost-effective studies. We also simplify the management of the whole study for the client, acting as a single contact point and responsible party.


2) How to negotiate a study

We consider broad types of studies: policy papers, workshop, lab or field research

Initial contacts

By Web or email, if you have a draft document or parts of it

Our email is (please replace -ta- with @; the text has been altered to reduce the potential for spamming)

If you wish to use a secure Website for contacting us, please go to the menu Contact us and then pull down the sub-menu As a client

By phone: Please contact the joint owner/ chairman of the GCCC,

Vincent Gutschick

575-571-2269 (cell phone)

Developing a complete description of the work and a contract

Assembling the tasks for the GCCC these will be done by discussions in person, or by phone, email, or Web conference, as appropriate

Engaging subcontractors (consortium members) with the proper qualifications and ability to meet schedules

We develop the strongest team we can find

The client may wish to be engaged in this, or may leave it to the GCCC

In cases where the subcontractors generate effective alternative designs for parts of the study, we will definitely re-engage the client in these discussions

The GCCC negotiates tasks, schedules, and estimated costs with all the needed subcontractors

Setting timelines for the project as a whole, and for all member subcontractors

Assigning tasks


Generation of a contract

We use standard forms, with appropriate customization

Subcontractors are the responsibility of GCC Consortium; specification of individuals, if desired

We specify the deliverables, the schedule, and the costs, with appropriate performance guarantees, signatures, and notarization as needed