Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

Security and privacy


Confidentiality of the studies performed by the GCCC is assured.  While “open solutions” to global change issues are generally desirable, so that all may profit, we in the GCCC respect all levels of confidentiality requested by clients and by consortium members.  Clients may wish to restrict the distribution of results or the citation of their engaging the GCCC.  Such restrictions are acknowledged from the start and are to be written into contracts.  Consortium members likewise may wish to restrict the knowledge of their participation in GCCC studies, even to the extent of keeping their membership private.  The obvious limitation is that members cooperating on a given contract must know many details of other team members’ identities and participation. 

            In order to achieve these goals and to offer financial and legal protection to all parties, our secure Website ( will be used for all inquiries, submission of member information, and contract negotiations.  This secure site will be will be populated as the need arises.