Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

Forest fires, water stress, and watershed condition in the western US

   More detailed analysis and plans for both research and action can be found on another page here.

·        Major effort already designed: remote sensing of evapotranspiration rates at good resolution over large areas and over time…and carried all the way to assessment of deviations from sustainable stand density, consequent estimation of fire probabilities, surface water yield

o       Using versions of the surface energy balance method on satellite imagery

o       Improving the method with extensive automation

o       Improving the method with better process-based equations

o       Importantly, developing the interpretation of the time series of ET versus a concept of equilibrium ET.  This is a major extension of the concepts of equilibrium leaf area index (stand development) and of long-term partitioning of energy and water fluxes

·        A proposal was made to NASA hydrology; not funded; less than desired high emphasis on remote sensing (instead, much on ground validation and interpretation)

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