Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

Mission statement of the Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

   To offer assessments of global change issues, challenges, opportunities, and progress, as well as opportunities for positive action.  To this end, we will generate policy studies, organize workshops and training, and contract for research in the laboratory or field or in computer analyses and simulations.  We consider issues over broad ranges – biological issues, whether ecological, agricultural, or health-related; issues of resource use and resource; availability; education; and more.  Our focus is not on regulatory compliance – i.e., we do not do EISs - but on defining problems, opporunities, and solutions.  We also defer to many other competent firms for studies that are primarily economic.  The solutions we offer must be effective, economic, and just.

   To be efficient in providing all services.  We operate as a consortium of many researchers with diverse expertise.  For a task requested by a client, the GCCC corporation negotiates with researchers, its consortium members, to form a complete team with all the required expertise.  Team members subcontract to the GCCC to set their parts of the complete task, the schedule, and the remuneration.  We use Internet technologies extensively for members to collaborate on tasks while working from their home bases.  This minimizes travel and associated expenses.  It also keeps the pool of expertise for a given project as large as possible; members with critical skills need not forgo participation on the basis of  having too limited time for travel.  See also the statement on infrastructure that details how costs are minimized.

   To offer open solutions, to the extent that is feasible and fair.  A solution for one client may often generate benefit at large.  A client may choose to offer the results of GCCC work openly, in part or in whole, with due regard for the client’s investment being taken in matters of privacy, priority rights for distribution, and compensation for their individual investment.   All such matters are negotiated in advance with complete confidentiality.

   To offer new perspectives.  We list elsewhere (issues of global change, on the site navigation bar) a number of potential studies.  These derive from our career experience, doing research and teaching in a number of aspects of global change, and collaborating with or having professional contact with researchers and managers in many fields of the sciences and other enterprises.

   Notwithstanding the urgency of many issues of global change, we must request patience of our clients.  As on July, 2007, the GCCC is a start-up business.  We are actively recruiting members for our consortium.  Assembling teams for specific tasks or contracts will be done in as timely a manner as possible.  In the near future, we foresee is as rapid and seamless.