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Welcome to PmWiki for:

* everyone interested in the ESA '09 special session on big models in ecology; you can seewhat we're planning to discuss, some personal philosophies, etc.
* co-organizers of the special session; you can post all your relevant material here.

Information about using a wiki like this, if you're not familiar with it, is in the documentation index. We've also put a short set of notes on a separate page.

What this special session is about.

You've may seen the announcement of the special session on the ESA meeting page, In any case, here is the session description. We'd like an active, wide-ranging discussion, not a demo of models (though we might have some limited capacity to do this). Come for mutual enlightenment about needs, methods, and accomplishments to date.

Why is this page here?

The co-organizers would like any potential participant in the session to know about the diversity of issues about models. We also invite people to post their own statements and questions. The site works like wikipedia - anyone (in our case, anyone who has the password) can modify a page, even modifying someone else's posting. If you want to edit the page with your contributions and corrections, please email me and I can set you up with the wiki password. Please abide by wiki etiquette when you modify the page. I'll do my best to keep backups current in case of accidents or abuse (not anticipated, needless to say).

Co-organizer page: Vince Gutschick

This link Brief career summary.htm takes you to a page that summarizes my career experience with models, with further links to pages presenting
  • my resultant philosophy of modelling (I hope the double-l is OK with you; I like phonetic consistency in English). This page includes a discussion of several kinds of complexity of "bigness" that can occur in models;
  • a discussion of types of models, with copious examples of many types that I have made;
  • an "awards" page for models done by others that I judge as being exceptional examples of several types of models;
  • a "wish list" of models I'd still like to make, in collaboration with others.

PowerPoints for the special session, by name of the co-organizer: