Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

The Global Change Consulting Consortium


What we do: We are ready to do all manner of studies in global change, other than regulatory work that is best left to organizations with the full training and the interest in such matters. Similarly, we are not prepared to offer purely economic analyses.


At this moment, we are beginning our function as a corporation. For some types of services, there will be a delay until we can offer the services of the standards to which we are holding ourselves. The services that we propose are:



Workshops can be arranged at any appropriate venue and time, and at relevant scales of numbers of participants and of number of presenters and their suite of expertises.



Attibutes of our work:







Our mission statement is accessible in full here or on the navigation bar. In summary, our goals are


First, please note that we are building our business.

        We completed incorporation and licensing in August, 2007. The co-founder, Vince Gutschick, recently made the transition from an academic career, moving to full-time GCCC work on 1 January 2008.

        We are ready to be engaged. We anticipate a smooth spin-up. The founders are ready to find team members for any project in timely fashion, from among their many career contacts in diverse sciences. Our infrastructure is spare and needs little scaling up because of our unique consortium design. Over the next several months, we will be implementing a system with Web-based conferencing, collaboration, application sharing, and secure databasing.