Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc.

Above: Representing a few of our topics

For a recent request: a presentation on liquid fluoride thorium reactors, a downloadable Powerpoint 2007 presentation (2.5 MB), with an accompanying list of references as a PDF document

Information paper on challenges in moving to a low-carbon energy economy

The Global Change Consulting Consortium

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We are:

  • A group of researchers with stable affiliations with universities and other institutions
  • Diverse in expertises in the sciences, engineering, mathematics, GIS, remote sensing, and affiliated fields needed to address global change
  • At 25 members and growing
  • Affiliated via the director with other consulting groups with additional expertise in climate, energy, and broad environmental issues
  • New (since 2007) as a group, while the members are experienced in and recognized for work on contracts, grants, advisory work, large projects, large process models (view summary)

We do & are prepared to do:

  • Process-based studies (modeling, field, lab work, as needed)
    • For corporations
    • For NGOs
    • For agencies
    • For foundations
    • For other institutions
  • Workshops and training
  • Policy studies
  • Educational modules

 Examples of technical reviews and educational modules are linked here



Our mission:

  • To offer assessments and potential solutions of global change issues, including technology & policy assessments (other than EISs - please consult specialists for these)
  • To provide comprehensive views of the challenges, opportunities, and progress in global change issues, for developing plans of action
  • To be efficient in providing all services
  • To offer open solutions, to the extent that is feasible and fair
  • To offer new perspectives



Our resources:

  • Primarily, the expertises of members in diverse fields
  • Facilities of members, as appropriate
  • Web-based tools for collaborative work
  • Management, record-keeping, and databasing at the GCCC facility

How we operate:

        For clients

o       On contracts

o       To deliver proprietary or open solutions

o       At low overhead, given distributed, non-dedicated resources

        For members

o       Join via Web signup

o       Declare expertises and document qualifications

o       Retain current jobs

o       Choose and agree to specific subcontracts

o       Offer expertise, and, as appropriate, facilities with usage cleared with their insitutions

o       Act as independent contractors, with tax documentation issued by the GCCC


o       Incorporated in New Mexico, August, 2007

o       Duly registered with county, state, and Federal agencies for employment, taxation, and regulation.

o       In possession of financial capabilities for all necessary transactions.

o       On the Central Contractor Registration of the federal government.



 Last revised: 25 March 2012


Last updated 13 June 2010


  • 30 members have joined, in a variety of fields, to date primarily in global change biology, ecology, conservation biology, remote sensing, chemistry, and meteorology. We continue to recruit members.
  • First contract completed:

    Two members with backgrounds in computational methods, meteorology, and chemistry completed a contract in August, 2008 with a major international oil company, modelling pollutant control at an oil terminal.

  • A current contract:

    Interim report here. Optimizing deficit irrigation of major nut crops (pecans, almonds, pistachios) in CA, NM, TX, using detailed computer modeling of physiological process, interception of solar radiation, and meteorological transport processes. Our roles: for NM pecans - developing the process models; analyzing field data to parametrize the models; running the comprehensive model to estimate photosynthesis, thermal energy balance, evapotranspiration (ET; total water use), and leaf area development; mathematically extracting the optimal schedule of irrigation; aiding in developing remote-sensing methods of monitoring ET to track conformance of irrigation with optimal scheduling.

  • Global issues concerning water and forests: To see these presentations, please go to the menu bar on top (Mission pull down to Issues we see). We have written up our first two detailed presentations on global-change issues. These are not position statements of the GCCC on actions that are needed; rather, they present the known factual background and some of the positions that have been taken by various parties. With these pages, we aim to demonstrate our grasp of the issues. We also develop some novel viewpoints. Within the page on forest issues, there is also a link to a list of projects that we foresee that clients may request the GCCC to do.
  • Other issues: Pages detailing the issues we see are under development by the director and other Consortium members. These cover a wide variety of topics. For the current scope, please click on Mission and select Issues we see, or simply click here.